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PRIORITY AXIS 5: Reduction of unemployment and provision of equal opportunities in knowledge and skills



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This particular priority axis relates to actions which contribute to reducing already high levels of unemployment which particularly affect women and young people, integrating immigrants and excluded social groups via work and to increasing household revenue and, consequently, the local economy. At the same time, via training and education, the guidance and training of the workforce in jobs and skills that are in high demand has been planned with the objective of eliminating the paradox of high levels of unemployment accompanied by a shortage of skilled personnel in the Region. Adaptation of the skills of the workforce in the Region of Central Macedonia to the needs of the labour market is expected to increase the rate at which new jobs are created in all productive sectors.

A basic guideline is to ensure the smooth and effective implementation of actions for the entire programme by training the necessary staff in special planning and implementation procedures for actions.

Priority Axis 5 includes 3 Measures:

Measure 5.1. Development of social support services

The financing of Measure 5.1 amounts to 49.1% of the public expenditure of the priority axis. The intervention aims to improve and operate the structures for the development of social services for population groups that require special support with the parallel creation of opportunities for women to achieve integration into the labour market, to gain employment and advance professionally. More specifically, the measure provides for types of actions such as the improvement and/or operation of structures and infrastructure that serve infants, toddlers, children, the elderly and other population groups that require special care, as well as actions for training and upgrading the personnel employed in social support structures.

Measure 5.2. Human resource development

Specialized vocational training actions are the scope of Measure 5.2. The financing of the measure amounts to 22.4% of the public expenditure of Priority Axis 5. The measure aims at upgrading workers and executive personnel in the Region by providing quality vocational training and promoting employment in particular priority sectors through small-scale specialized interventions. In particular, the actions of vocational training and promotion of employment are linked to the respective programme measures that are financed by the ERDF and cover the needs in specialized training arising from the implementation of the actions of the Central Macedonia ROP 2000 - 2006, in the following priority sectors: a) SMEs - Innovation - Research and Technology, b) Culture - Tourism, and c) Environment.

Measure 5.3. Local employment initiatives

Measure 5.3 represents 28.5% of the public expenditure of the priority axis. It provides for the implementation of integrated programmes for the development of a set of ESF measures on a local scale. The measure aims at achieving local development by improving and increasing employment in areas or sectors that are facing conditions of productive restructuring or degradation, and includes specialized interventions for unemployed or underemployed people in deprived areas and/or in sectors that are facing significant employment problems. These actions aim to promote local employment and improve employability with a combination of actions relating to career guidance training, re-training, subsidizing employment and self-employment. Furthermore, the measure provides for specialized interventions to improve and increase employment opportunities for special population groups on a local scale, such as the repatriated, prisoners, etc. These initiatives will create the necessary conditions for social inclusion, promotion of equal opportunities for all and integration of special population groups into local labour markets. The aforementioned actions, which will be implemented within the framework of territorial employment pacts or other local development initiatives, will be small-scale actions and will be in harmony with the special features of the local economic and social needs and conditions.  

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The actions of the Regional Operational Programme of Central Macedonia are co-financed from national resources and from the EU Structural Funds: European Regional Development Fund, European Social Fund and European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund
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